We frequently welcome overseas and local groups from prominent companies, buyer groups and trade associations. The group delegation programme is specially developed to enhance and optimize attendance experience and to help attendee groups achieve their business aims.

How to qualify and organise a Group Delegation?

Organisations, buyer groups and trade associations will need to organise a group of 10 and above to qualify for the Group Delegation.

What privileges will the group benefit from?

A1: Fast and hassle-free collection of visitor badges upon arrival at the exhibition.
A2: Group welcome and photography session upon arrival.
A3: Assistance in scheduling meetings or business matching with exhibitors of your choice. (request must be made no later than 10 Feb 2025)
A4: Gather your business associates and leverage on this Programme to reap the most benefits out of your visits to EFE 2025!


Thank you for your interest in the Student Educational Visit programme.

The Student Educational Visit programme is an effort by EFE to support academic institutions in nurturing the next generation. We would like to encourage students from the relevant course of studies (furniture related, hospitality) to register with us under this programme. However, there are guidelines in place to ensure that EFE remains a business-oriented platform while serving your educational needs.

  1. Each student group will be allowed to visit the exhibition at only one of the following date and time:

  2. Each institution will be limited to a maximum of 50 students. Different faculties from the same institution will still be considered as one institution.
  3. Application must be submitted through the institution. The Organiser will not accept application by individual students. Please note that each institution must provide sufficient lecturer/staff each student group, failing which, the Organiser will reserve the right not to allow the group entry to the exhibition halls.
  4. Individual students or groups who present themselves at the entrance without prior application to the Student Educational Visit programme will not be granted entry to the exhibition halls.
  5. Upon confirmation of application by the Organiser, the total number of students cannot be increased. A change to the date and time of visit us is subject to availability and request must be submitted to the Organiser no later than 10 Feb 2022.
  6. Please register the all visitors at for EFE Lifetime QR Code. Please provide a list of students’ name, email address, contact number and course of study together and EFE Lifetime QR Code number with the submission no later than 10 Feb 2022. Students must be at least 18 years old (as at date of birth) to be allowed entry to the exhibition.
  7. Group badges can be collected by student heads/lecturers from our Registration Counter located at Level 4, Hall 8. Each group is to adhere to the assigned visiting date and admission time.
  8. All students must come in with proper business attire as stipulated by the Organiser’s admission requirement.
  9. The institutions should brief the students on the code of conduct expected at a trade event. The institution will be held responsible and liable for its student’s behaviour and conduct during the educational visit.

To register, kindly contact our PR Team, Application and the delegate list must reach the Organiser by 9 Feb 2025.